Tempeh is a popular fermented food eaten by millions of people around the world every day. Originating on the Indonesian island of Java centuries ago, tempeh has a firm and chewy texture and is easily prepared as a healthy and nutrient rich plant-based protein.

Tempeh is one of the tastiest and healthiest meat alternatives going around. Unlike tofu, tempeh is a fermented food which makes it enzyme rich and higher in protein, therefore it’s a more complete food than tofu. It’s full of probiotics and is really good for stomach health.

Most importantly, it tastes great and is super easy and versatile to use. Tempeh is most commonly prepared by slicing it thinly and frying the strips for a few minutes until crunchy and golden brown. These can be enjoyed on their own or incorporated into salads, stir fries, burgers, curries – anything you can think of!

Our products are gluten free, vegan, low fat, and cholesterol free.


Our tempeh is made by soaking beans in an incubator at 32 degrees for 36 hours.

We then cook the beans and mix in a starter culture (Rhizopus oligosporus), before bagging the beans up and placing them back in the incubator for another 36 hours. During this time, the starter culture becomes white mycelium which knits the beans together, transforming the tempeh from a loose packet of beans into a firm cake of delicious goodness. Magic!

Our tempeh is therefore a twice fermented product, which makes it especially healthy and full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics.


We sell our tempeh frozen to preserve its integrity and shelf life, because we do not pasteurise our products. Pasteurisation is common amongst a number of tempeh brands, but the pasteurisation process kills off the enzymes and nutrients present in fresh tempeh and greatly reduces its health benefits.

Our tempeh is fresh frozen, meaning that the health benefits are locked into the product and our customers get to enjoy tempeh full of texture. Once defrosted it’s ready to cook.

For this reason, we reckon our tempeh is the best in the country!


We are a small family owned business based in Mullumbimby in Northern NSW, and we have been producing high quality tempeh since 2011. Our business is named after grandmother Gwen, who was an inspiring entrepreneur. Our mission is to produce the highest quality tempeh for our customers, and to promote the use of this healthy, delicious and sustainable plant-based protein.

Taught by a master tempeh maker, we are specialists in our craft. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do!